Enjoy 888 3D Poker

Poker rooms keep introducing new features to their software to attract more players. Bonuses, promotions, and flashy looking graphics have been some of the methods used. However, 888 Poker has come up with one of the most innovative methods of grabbing eyeballs. It offers poker to its players in 3D. The technology which was mostly limited to movie screens is now available at one of the most respected poker rooms in the industry.

Players have always wanted more realism in their games. That is why poker rooms had to shift from 2D games to 3D graphics games. However, with the growth in technology it has become possible to provide a complete 3D environment to players. This actually goes a long way in providing the experience of playing poker in a brick and mortar casino.

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Playing 3D poker at 888

It is quite simple to use the 3D version of the poker room. All you need is a pair of 3D glasses, usually ones which are colored red and blue. When you put them on, you will be able to experience the poker room in 3D.

To ensure that players are able to enjoy the 3D technology to the fullest, they are given control over minute details like the design of the deck. The layout of the table and the theme can also be customized and you can even use a 3D image behind your table. Avatars have also been modified and you can choose between various 3D avatars. The 3D version has also affected the game lobby and there are several customization options available to the players.


One of the most overlooked advantages of 3D poker is in terms of soft competition. Most of the skilled players do not play for the looks of the game and will stick to the traditional poker rooms. However, many beginners will be attracted by what 3D poker has to offer. So, anyone with decent skills should fancy their chances of making some money at 3D poker tables.


There are a couple of drawbacks of using 888 3D poker. The graphics used in creating the 3D environment are a lot more complex than the graphics used for normal poker software. This means that you will require a more computing power as well. This should not bother anyone with a half decent computer, but those who like to play 20 tables at once may face some issues. Also, for those who like to play for prolonged hours, playing with a pair of glasses might become a bit difficult.

The pros far outweigh the cons. You not only get to play poker but you get to play in a realistic environment. You are not even required to deposit any money to play because you can play with ‘play money’ till you feel comfortable with the various features. 888 Poker has been widely regarded as the site with one of the best 3D poker clients in the industry. If this is not enough to convince you to try your hand at 3D poker then you should look at the bonuses, promotions, and tournaments offered by 888 Poker.

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