Make the Most of the 888 Poker Bonus

Almost every poker room today offers different types of bonuses to players. 888Poker is no different. But, the wagering requirements at 888 Poker are not as demanding as some other poker rooms. Here is a look at some of the bonuses that 888 Poker offers and how to redeem them. Click here to claim your 888 Poker Bonus

Welcome bonus

This is the biggest bonus available at 888 Poker and everyone making their first deposit is eligible for this bonus. Your first deposit can fetch you a 100% match up bonus if you decide to use the bonus code ‘poker888’ while making the deposit. The maximum amount of the 888Poker bonus you can get is $600. So, if you deposit $300 then you will have $600 in your account. But you should remember that you can only use the bonus amount for playing games and tournament and you cannot withdraw it without completing the wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements state that you need to earn 10 bonus points to redeem one dollar of your bonus amount. The bonus is paid out in increments of $10. When you earn 100 bonus points, $10 from the bonus amount is released. You need to keep in mind that if the wagering requirements are not completed in 90 days the bonus expires.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus at 888 Poker allows you to deposit $10 and gives you another $10 as bonus amount. You need to use the bonus code ‘888×2’ while making the deposit. The wagering requirements for this bonus are slightly different from the welcome bonus. You need to earn 2.5 bonus points for redeeming $1 from the bonus amount. Again, this bonus needs to be redeemed within 90 days of making the deposit.

Invite a friend bonus

To expand its player base, 888 Poker offers an $8 888Poker bonus absolutely free, along with a seat in $1,000 freeroll if you can invite one of your friends to 888 Poker. The 888 Poker bonus is given out only when your friend joins the site, creates an account and earns 5 status points. The first deposit must be made with 14 days of registering and the status points need to be earned within 30 days of making the first deposit. Not only you, but the invited friend also gets $8 and a seat in the $1000 freeroll. The wagering requirements for redeeming the bonus amount are same as that of the deposit bonus.

Bonus points

As you might have realized, the 888poker bonus points play a very crucial role in redeeming your bonus amount. You can earn bonus points by playing ring games, tournaments or casino games. When you play a ring game, every dollar of contributed rake will give you 2 bonus points. Contributed rake refers to the amount in the rake which you have contributed relative to other players. Every dollar that you pay as tournament fee (not the buy-in amount) earns you 2 bonus points. Also, when you play casino games and wager $16 (playing from your poker account) you earn 1 bonus point.

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