What 888 Poker promotions Have to Offer

One of the main reasons for 888 Poker achieving the success that it has is the promotions they have to offer. When you join the site, you are greeted with a hefty welcome bonus, but the surprises do not end there. There are hidden games, a Sunday challenge offering huge prize money, and several other promotions. Click here to join 888Poker

888 genie games

This is one of the most popular 888 poker promotions, applicable only on PokerCam tables. When playing webcam poker on 888, it is possible that a ‘888 genie’ appears interrupting your games. The genie is actually a real girl from 888 Poker, and challenges players to a mini game and then gives away prizes and cash worth thousands of dollars. Performing a Mexican wave and striking a pose have been some of the mini-games so far. You can never know when the genie might appear so the best way of winning a prize is by spending more time on PokerCam tables.

One such opportunity for players came in November 2011, when there was a crazy costume competition. You had to dress up like your favorite Halloween character. If the genie appeared at your table then you had the chance off winning an iPad, iPod Nano or a cash bonus. Similar promotions ran from December 2011 to February 2012 as well.

Monday twins

Every Monday at 888 Poker you get a chance to double your winnings by playing in the $10,000 Monday Twins Challenge. But, there are a lot of other perks that you get by playing in this challenge. The challenge takes place at 20:35 every Monday and there are two challenges available to you – the Monday twins challenge: Flush or the Monday twins challenge: Royal. Both the tournaments have a buy in of $20 and a $2 tournament fee with guaranteed prize money worth $10,000.

If you end up winning money in both the challenges on the same day then you get seats in the Monday twins challenge for the next week. This means you end up saving $44. In case you make it to the final table in both the challenges on the same day then you end up getting a seat in all the $100,000 Sunday challenges in the coming month. That is a saving of at least $360. You also get $1000 for wining one challenge and making the final table in the other. If you win one challenge and finish 2nd in the other then you get $2,500, and if you are skilled enough to win both then you get $10,000. Keep in mind that these rules are applicable to your performance in the tournaments on the same day.

Teams poker

888 Poker allows all the football fans to win some cash even if they lose a game. Teams poker tournaments are like regular tournaments but you have to join a specific team before you begin playing. A part of the prize pool is meant for the players of the winning team. So, you will end up wining some cash after losing the game as long as your team wins.

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