Take Advantage of 888 Poker Rewards

Bonus offers given by poker rooms are intended to attract more players. However, once a player has joined the poker room, there needs to be an incentive for the player to keep playing for a long period. 888 Poker provides this incentive in the form of its rewards program. 888 Poker assigns various statuses for you, depending upon how often you play. Climbing these statuses will provide you with reward points which give you the ability to shop at the 888 online shop and take part in different tournaments. Not only this, different status levels also provide varying degrees of cashback.

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Information on the status levels

There are ten different levels for 888 Poker rewards and all of these levels have varying benefits. The levels are blue, iron, chrome, copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, VIP and VIP diamond. When you first join 888 Poker, you will start off at the blue level. At this level, you will have access to the daily $75 freeroll and 2% cashback. To move to the next level which is iron, you will need to earn 10 status points.

To earn status points you need to play ring games, participate in tournaments, or play casino games. Every dollar that you contribute in a ring game will give you 2 status points. A dollar that you give as tournament fee will also add 2 status points to your account. Wagering $16 on casino games when logged in through your poker account will give you 1 status point.

Once you attain a specific status level, you remain at that level for a month. The status points are reset on the first of every month or year. You need different status points for every level:

  • iron requires 10,
  • chrome requires 25,
  • copper requires 50,
  • bronze requires 100,
  • Silver requires 500,
  • gold requires 1500,
  • and Platinum requires 4500.

If you want to move to VIP status then you need to accumulate 60,000 status points in a year, and 300,000 in a year for VIP diamond status.

Reward points and other benefits

Every level also gives you a certain number of reward points and a specific percentage of cashback. Till the bronze level you will get 1 reward point and 2% cashback. At the silver stage, you get 2 reward points and 4% cashback. This increases to 4.5 reward points and 9% cashback at the gold level. Platinum level gives you 9 reward points and 18% cashback. The benefits are substantially higher at the VIP level where you get 13.5 reward points and 27% cashback. At the VIP diamond level, you get 18 reward points and 36% cashback.

You can use the reward points to shop at the 888 online store. This store has a huge variety of products available. You can go for a Swarovski crystal, an iPad or some books. You can also opt for 888 merchandise like poker accessories and t-shirts. You have the option to convert your reward points to cash at the rate of 100 points for $1.

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